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CEL has supported me extremely competently and professionally in the field of "Ethereum 2.0 Staking Node". The communication was very responsive and technically grounded. However, in my opinion, the most important criteria in the blockchain/crypto area are trust and integrity.
Here too, I can unreservedly recommend CEL, especially Mr. Wagner.

Anyone looking for professional and competent help with a handshake quality in the blockchain area is at the right address with CEL.

Gerald L.
Compromised Staking Wallet

In respect to the confidentiality of our relationship, the particulars of this client engagement remain undisclosed.

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Among our Clients

Why us?

Our tailor-made learning programs empower your team, no matter their existing knowledge level, with the critical insights they need to navigate the Web3 space.

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Our team of industry veterans and SMEs are seasoned in dealing with real-world Web3 challenges.

We bring this expertise to our training programs, delivering tailored, high-quality education to enhance the Web3 competency within your organization - whether it's a small business, a bank or a university.

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Cutting Edge

We stay one step ahead in the fast-paced world of Web3.

Our training programs are constantly updated with the latest in Web3 and Digital Assets, ensuring your organization stays relevant and competetive in the digital landscape.

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We recognize the tight schedules that businesses, banks and universities often operate on.

That's why our training programs are designed with flexibility in mind.

Learn anywhere, on any device, at any time that suits your organization, while maintaining the quality of education.

Our Services

Elevate your organization's potential with our custom-tailored services.

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Adapt to your organization's pace with our On-Demand courses. They deliver timely, high-quality knowledge that's tailored for quick comprehension andimmediate application.

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Virtual Classes

Breaking down geographical barriers, our virtual classes offer high-quality blockchain education to your teams, regardless of their location. All that's needed is an internet connection.

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Our dedicated coaching sessions provide personalized feedback and guidance on blockchain topics, perfect for getting your team up to speed or deepening their understanding. Book a slot, and we'll take it from there.

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Navigate the Web3 landscape successfully with our expert consulting services. We work alongside your organization, developing robust strategies and projects that fuel growth in the digital age.

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Earn more than just skills with our courses. Upon successful completion, your team members will receive a certificate, serving as a testament to their newly acquired blockchain expertise.

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Customized Programs

Get the most out of your training with our customized programs. We tailor the course content to your organization's unique needs, ensuring your team focuses on what matters most.

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