We are on a misson to eliminate the skill gap in blockchain and crypto companies

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How we do it

We're building an engaging learning ecosystem to bridge the knowledge gap in companies that operate in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Through interactive and gamified learning experiences, we shorten the time it takes to get employees ready for their job.

Interactive & Gamified learning

Through interactive & gamified On-Demand courses we ensure a smooth and fast learning experience. Always up-to-date, delievered trough modern software solutions.


We notice if a learner is struggling with a specific topic or process and we'll reach out and offer them specific modules & coachings to ensure that the employee really understands it.
White label training - Chaineducation Labs

White Labeled

Thanks to our White Label solution, the training experience will be integrated to your companies onboarding. It won't take the feeling of your companies culture away!
EthereumBlockchain training - Chaineducation Labs

Why we do it

We are blockchain & crypto enthusiasts. We want to see this new and disruptive technology grow and mature. However, that is only possible if the economy around it can grow.

Our research shows that a lot of companies already struggle with a skill gap of their employees - it's no different for blockchain and crypto companies.

Finding skilled talent is hard - this where we come into play. Through our trainings, companies will be able to hire interested people, that will be ready to work after our trainings.

Our Values

Customer Centric

Our customers are the most important part of Chaineducation Labs. We don't want to just provide a product to you, we want to work with you and become a partner of your company.

Open Minded

We are always open to new ideas and projects.
While we maintain focus on our core, we strive to always be on the lookout for things to improve or change.


In an environment as new and disruptive as blockchain technology, it's important to adapt.
We stay up to update and adjust our courses to always reflect the newest happenings in the space.

Result oriented

We want to deliver results. That's why we will work closely with you to ensure a smooth training experience. We aren't done if your employees aren't ready to do their job.

Meet the team

Meet our team!

Jonas Przysucha
Jonas Przysucha
Co-Founder and CEO
Santino Wagner
Santino Wagner
Co-Founder and CEO

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