November 7, 2023

Why we founded Chaineducation Labs

In this article we'll tell you about our reason for founding Chaineducation Labs.

Why we founded Chaineducation Labs

Because passive information isn’t a good way to train employees

There’s an issue that is apparent in all industries: lackluster, uninspiring and dry employee training.

Companies put a lot of time, love and resources into their onboarding program. But when it comes to training the employees, you can see the same problems over and over again.

A couple of powerpoint presentations, a lot of meetings and a bunch of information you have to understand as fast as possible.

Most, if not all, done in a passive way. That’s not to say that passive information is never a viable solution, though. It’s good if you need to learn something complex, while being able to dedicate a lot of time into it. Else one isn't able to digest the information that is are provided.

However, a new employee can not dedicate the time needed to digest passive information. As an employer, you want your employees to work as soon as possible, right?

Studies have shown that employees learn faster and are more motivated if the training is being done in an active way. For example, interactive courses with gamified elements.

For an industry that deals with complex topics like blockchain technology, it’s even more important. Employees need to understand the underlying technology, even if only the basics.

An interactive and gamified learning ecosystem

We are building a learning ecosystem for employees which makes it easier to learn about blockchain and crypto.

We are aware of the significant demand for blockchain and crypto training from all types of organizations.

Further, we are certain that training using passive information methods like presentations and text based courses are not providing learners with an optimal experience.

Instead, offering an interactive and gamified learning ecosystem that enables our customers to improve the quality of their employees' education and career prospects.

We train employees through an interactive and gamified experience that teaches and improves skills, so employees can be productive sooner.

Modern LMS solution combined with a proactive approach

Thanks to the use of a modern LMS solution and our proactive approach we can ensure that all learners will have a smooth learning experience. If we notice that someone is stuck, we'll reach out and offer coachings or more specific learning material.

Our ecosystem is being built in a way that encourages learners to try and make mistakes, without them feeling pressure. A safe learning environment will strengthen your employees' confidence and is an important part of our solution.

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Santino Wagner
Santino Wagner

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