Blockchain services that bring your employees up to speed

On-Demand course

With our full training suite you will get your employees ready to work much faster with less resources.

Through a modern LMS system, your employees will be assigned to interactive and gamified On-Demand courses that teach them both the basics of blockchain and cryptocurriencies as well as role specific topics. These courses are easy to digest while delivering up-to-date knowledge in a timely manner.Teamleads and Trainingleads will have access to an administration suite where they view and track the progress.


Thanks to our proactive approach, we will spot when a learner is struggling on a specific topic so we can connect with them and offer either 1-to-1 coachings or more specific learning material.

Completing a course, will reward your learners with a certificate to display the completion and understanding of the course material. Upon request, those certificates can be granted as a NFT on a blockchain of your choice.

White label

Thanks to the use of a modern LMS solution, we can provide a fully white labeled learning experience for your employees.

It's important for us that your employees don't feel like they're taken out of your company's onboarding experience.Everything from the site where the courses are being done, to the course content (including videos) can be white labeled.


Our consulting service is designed to help blockchain and crypto companies grow their customer support teams, improve productivity, and reduce costs while making sure that customer satisfaction is the highest priority.

Consultings include CRM improvements (Zendesk), Quality Assurance & Process Management.For more details, please schedule a first call.

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