Jonas Przysucha

Jonas Przysucha

Ex-Bitpanda | Digital Art, Education, Financial Markets & UX/UI

About Jonas Przysucha

I started my career in the advertising industry, focusing on logo design and car wrapping.

During my apprenticeship in 2015, I dedicated myself to crypto and blockchain technology. Since then I study about blockchain and cryptocurrency in a self-driven manner. Thus, I decided to change my career direction. A coaching program for blockchain investment aimed at private individuals. Through teaching others, I have seen this technology from a different perspective.

Next to buzzword and hype cycles, you have to understand the underlying technology. Else one won't be able to navigate successfully through the markets.

After 7 years of blockchaind and crypto experience, I decided to start working for Bitpanda's community team.My work in the community team allowed me to make use of my knowledge. Especially when working in communities, you need to understand the sentiment and behavior. Further, one has to be a good communicator to explain complex topics with simple words.

At Bitpanda I was responsible for the community growth on various channels. The experience taught me how important customer centricity is and what it takes to build a successful community. My journey at Bitpanda was quite short but mind-blowing.

After the turnaround of the market and the resulting layoffs, Santino and I teamed up and founded Chainedcuation Labs. At Chainedcuation Labs I can follow my passion between education and blockchain technology.

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