Santino Wagner

Santino Wagner

Interested in Blockchain & Crypto, Financial Markets, Education and Compliance

About Santino Wagner


My career started in IT-support for a company in the IBM environment. Soon I realized that I enjoy helping people but I'd rather work in an industry I have a personal connection with. Since I loved video games since I was a little child, I switched to the video gaming industry after a year. Having worked for projects like Epic Games, Riot Games & Psyonix, I gained a lot of experience. I learned about customer realtionships, CRMs like Zendesk, quality assurance and compliance.

When blockchain and crypto became much more a passion for me, I decided to switch industries. Starting at Nuri (Ex-Bitwala) in 2020. In 2022, I moved to Vienna to work for Bitpanda.

Blockchain and Crypto

Since I'm a tech savvy person by nature, it was only a matter of time until I got into blockchain and crypto. At first, I didn't pay much attention to it because I didn't understand it's usecase. But that changed and I began learning more about Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Over the years, I have gained a lot of experience with different protocols, yield farms and tokens. Previously I have consulted different crypto projects. Topics included financial management and community management.

Financial Markets

Thanks to Cryptocurrencies, I started to learn about financial markets. Before that, I thought of it as very boring.

In my free time I like to trade S&P500 futures & Crypto. Besides trading, I'm very interested in portfolio management. Currently I'm building several portfolios based on different strategies.

Want to chat?

I'm always up for a chat! Be it about blockchain and crypto, financial market or the startup life! You can contact me through LinkedIn.