November 7, 2023

Web3 Education Providers: Self-Paced vs Guided Learning

Self-Paced vs Guided Learning: A Comparison

Web3 Education Providers: Self-Paced vs Guided Learning

Choosing the right educational model is crucial when venturing into the fast-paced sectors of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Your choice between self-paced and guided learning can significantly impact your educational outcomes.

To help you make an informed decision, this article compares the pros and cons of both learning approaches.

Additionally, we provide a list of notable education providers in the field. You'll find a wealth of options, particularly in the section dedicated to self-paced learning, as these providers often offer a broader range of courses than those mentioned here.

Self-Paced vs Guided Learning: A Comparison

Self-Paced Learning


  • Flexibility: Adapt your learning to fit your schedule.
  • Self-Directed: Focus on topics you find most relevant.


  • High Dropout Rate: Notably, an 85% dropout rate exists in self-paced courses.
  • Lack of Accountability: No structured setting can lead to incomplete courses.

Guided Learning


  • Structured Curriculum: Set schedules cover all crucial topics.
  • Interactive: Real-time feedback and peer engagement are available.


  • Limited Flexibility: Fixed schedules may conflict with other commitments.
  • Higher Costs: Generally more expensive due to instructor and resource involvement.

Self-Paced Learning Providers

In the following section, you will see various education providers focused on Web3. All of these options offer self-paced learning and range from universities to private companies. Explore and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Crypto Consortium

Certified Bitcoin Professional
A Certified Bitcoin Professional is knowledgeable about the Bitcoin blockchain, Bitcoin transactions, and how the Bitcoin network operates.
· Pricing for Certification: $140
· Certification only $39

Digital Asset Academy

Digital Asset Academy
The Digital Asset Academy is an exclusive online platform that provides its members with access to learning content and market updates on digital assets.
· Subscription mtl. €29

Consensys academy

Blockchain Essentials
This is a 5-week, self-paced, online course featuring multi-modal content such as videos, reading materials, interactive quizzes, assignments, and a peer-reviewed final project
· Price for Certification: €99

Oracle University

Blockchain Development
Beginn your journey with blockchain concepts and terminology
·Price for Certification: unknown


Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Explained
Ideal for beginners, this course offers a broad overview of what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are.
· Price for Certification: €109

Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer's Guide
This is perfect for those looking to understand how to develop on the Ethereum blockchain.
· Price for Certification: €129


Blockchain Basics by University of Buffalo
This is part of a broader specialization and covers the foundational concepts of blockchain technology.
· Price for Certification: free for audit, €45 per month for certification

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies
An in-depth look at Bitcoin and how it functions, offered by one of the most prestigious universities in the world.
· Price for Certification: free for audit, €45 per month for certification

Blockchain Training Alliance

Understanding Cryptocurrency Online Course
This course is designed to understand the basics of crypto, how cryptocurrencies work and how cryptocurrencies will shape the future of money.
· Price for Certification: €99

Blockchain Solution Architecture Training Online Course
This course is designed to help both developers and non-developers fundamentally understand blockchain structures and be able to make decisions related to blockchain projects while understanding the entire blockchain system.
· Price for Certification: €295

MIT OpenCourseWare

Full playlist on money and blockchain available on youtube.
· Price for Certification: No Certification


Blockchain Fundamentals by UC Berkeley
This course provides a broad overview of the essential concepts of blockchain technology.
· Price for Certification: Free to Audit, $198 for Certification

Blockchain for Business - An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies
This course is designed for a range of business roles and includes a variety of Hyperledger business blockchain frameworks.
· Price for Certification: Free to Audit, $169 for Certification

Guided Learning Providers

In the section that follows, we present an array of guided learning providers specializing in Web3 technologies. These options vary from accredited Business Schools to industry-focused private Companies, each offering instructor-led courses to help you master your desired skills.

Take a moment to explore and identify the program that aligns best with your educational goals and career aspirations.

Frankfurt Business School

Certified Blockchain Expert
Shaping the future with high level expertise
Duration: 8-Day - Live Training
· Price per Seat €7450

Chaineducation Labs

Virtual Class+ Decode Web3: Blockchain and Digital Assets
Career oriented web3 training including dedicated hiring support
Duration: 6 Weeks
·  Initial price per Seat €350 + success fee if you get hired €2650
·  Available for Businesses - Pricing depending on choice of modules

European Tech School

Blockchain Executive Program
Web3, Crypto & Blockchain courses taught by the world's best
Duration: 5-Week or 10-Week
·  Price per Seat €2100/€3700

Blockchain Training Alliance

Blockchain Solution Architecture
This training is designed to help both developers and non-developers understand the entire blockchain system.
Duration: 3-Day Live Training
· Price per Seat: €1895

From Classroom to Career

If you're considering taking a web3 course to enhance your career prospects, it's crucial to gain hands-on experience with the technology. Merely understanding the theory won't set you apart in this competitive industry. Companies are seeking talent with a deep understanding of this technology.

For additional insights and opportunities, make sure to check out my LinkedIn profile. I frequently share useful tips and tricks on how to stand out, as well as information on new job openings in the market.

At Chaineducation Labs, we focus on hands-on training that goes far beyond mere theory or speculation. Our courses are designed to prepare you for your future role. This philosophy is reflected in our pricing model, which is primarily based on a success fee; you only pay the bulk of the tuition if you secure a job.

Our Virtual Class+ Offerings

In line with our commitment to real-world teaching and continually updated content, our virtual class+ delve into Bitcoin and other digital assets. You will learn about the Why's and the How's. From fundamental to advancept concepts you will also learn how to navigate and use the crypto ecosystem yourself! In addition to that, we help you to find a job in the web3 area, only then you pay our success fee.


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